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What is meant by the term ‘intravidual’?

Introduction to Sociology

Instructions: As always, draw specifically from the texts and use specific page numbers, in the form of a properly formatted citation, to refer to ideas in them.

DO NOT QUOTE FROM THE TEXTS. Those answers without proper citations from the required texts will receive no credit for that answer.

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, sentence structure and the like count. It is best to prepare your answers in advance and then copy and paste them into the test window on Canvas.

Be aware that the order of questions may vary from those presented here on Canvas.

All essay questions are worth 5 points (On the objective part of the test, each question is worth 1 point). The test total is 50.

Good luck.

1. What is meant by the term ‘intravidual’? How does the work of Simmel, Milgram, and Granovetter help define this concept? Use specific examples.

2. Williams maintains that social inequality is visible even in seemingly insignificant interactions in a toy store. Using specific examples from the text, outline her position and provide a critique of it.

3. 4. 5.

Describe the labeling theory of deviance. What basic insight about deviance is offered by

this approach? What is the importance of distinguishing between primary deviance and

secondary deviance? What is the importance of stigma in labeling analysis?

Briefly identify the main characteristics of caste systems and class systems. How are

these systems linked to different kinds of economic production (agrarian versus

industrial technology)? What are the different justifications for inequality in each case?

What is meritocracy? How and why do class systems combine caste and meritocracy?

Illustrate your response with reference to Great Britain or the United States.