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What is culture, and how is it identified?

What is culture, and how is it identified?

Culture, as a term, can appear diffuse and has been associated with many meanings over time. In recent decades, culture has been seen as something that creates recognition and cohesion, but at the same time, culture is perceived to be something that is living. A corporate culture is constantly undergoing changes because it is made up by human and organizational activity, and it creates cohesion in a workplace because it tells people what is right and wrong, good and bad, and cool and not cool. Culture analysis is all about identifying such important parameters.

Method and product

A culture cannot be studied from the outside, and therefore, the analysis includes observing the company’s daily activities during specific situations, talking with key individuals, and studying the organizational structure and strategies. Culture analysis is carried out by a junior consultant specializing in organization and management and with experience in organizational culture and culture analyses in cooperation with Soulaima Gourani.

Cultural mapping is carried out based on the findings of the analysis. A report containing the results is prepared. The report also discusses areas which need extra attention and presents recommended actions. The results are presented at a meeting, and we encourage a dialogue about how the results can be utilized efficiently for the company’s benefit.

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