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hief Warrant Officer Specialty Force Managers (SFM) and Enlisted Rating Force Master Chiefs (RFMC) are senior members of a specialty or rating assigned within a program office at Coast Guard Headquarters. The SFMs and RFMCs provide advice on specific issues that impact the specialties and ratings they manage as well as provide input into force management initiatives that impact the entire Warrant Officer and Enlisted workforce. SFMs and RFMCs manage the structure of their workforce and ensure that personnel are prepared to meet current and future missions to coincide with program goals.

The Specialty Force Managers and Rating Force Master Chiefs are the principal advocate for their specialty or rating and are advisors to senior policy officers on matters concerning the workforce and are responsible for oversight within their programs, which includes the number of personnel in a specialty or rating,  the location of billets, setting competency standards, developing Enlisted Performance Qualifications (EPQs), developing job and promotion qualifications and the content of formal and on-the-job training/professional development