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Types of Management Skills


Individual managers may or may not be personally involved in drafting company policy and strategy, but even those who aren’t still must be able to plan. You might be given certain objectives and then be responsible for developing ways to meet those objectives. You may need to adjust or adapt someone else’s plan to new circumstances. In either case, you’ll have to understand what your resources are, develop time tables and budgets, and assign tasks and areas of responsibility.

Aspiring managers should volunteer to help their current supervisors with phases of departmental planning in order to hone their skills.

Planning programs for professional societies is another way to develop and document planning abilities. Mastering planning software, like NetSuite OpenAir, and project management software, like Workfront, can prove that you’re able to tap technology that’s instrumental to sound planning. College students should take on leadership positions with campus organizations to hone their planning skills.

  • Analyzing Business Problems
  • Analyzing Expenditures
  • Critical Thinking
  • Devising Plans for New Business
  • Development, Entrepreneurialism
  • Identifying the Interests and Preferences of Stakeholders
  • Microsoft Office,
  • Proposing Solutions to Business Problems
  • Problem Solving
  • Research, Qualitative Skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Tapping Information Technology to Facilitate Decision Making
  • Writing Proposals for Business Initiatives or Projects, Vision
  • Project Management
  • Utilizing Planning Software


Organizing generally means creating structures to support or accomplish a plan. This might involve creating a new system of who reports to whom, designing a new layout for the office, planning a conference or event, building a strategy and planning around how to move through a project, or determining how to move toward deadlines or how to measure milestones.

Aspects of organization could also mean helping leaders under your guidance to manage their subordinates well.

Organization is about planning and foresight, and it requires an ability to comprehend the big picture.

Identify processes, procedures, or events related to your department that could be improved, and demonstrate that you can re-design processes to create greater efficiency or enhance quality. Document procedures in a manual or spreadsheet for future use.