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Trespass Spyware

It was stunning to discover a number of years back that the parents of the teens involved in the infamous Columbine High School massacre had no idea their sons maintained weapons caches in their well-kept middle class homes. Many parents view their teens’ possessions and bedrooms as off-limits private space. Columbine and similar incidents around the country point to why parents are justified in inspecting teenagers’ rooms for signs of trouble, though. Serious risks of suicide, violence against others, substance abuse, mental illness or sex abuse are grounds for intensely monitoring one’s children. Even poor eating habits can be grounds for monitoring some children. According to researchers, childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The number of obese and morbidly obese children has risen dramatically in the past ten years. It happens that in some American school districts, parents can log onto a website called “” and find out exactly what their children have purchased for lunch. Every food item a pupil purchases from funds parents deposit in a lunch account is entered onto an electronic log by type, time and date. Parents can request that their children not be permitted to make cash purchases, thereby forcing children to buy only through their monitored lunch accounts. At some schools, young children are not permitted to share food because of allergy concerns. So the food they buy is pretty much the food they eat. Monitoring someone’s personal behavior, even a child’s, can feel uncomfortable. But becoming Big Brother of the lunch room can help a parent appropriately adjust meals eaten at home to reduce caloric intake while respecting the nutritional pyramid, thereby improving health. A parent with a seriously overweight child is justified in closely monitoring food choices, and secretly so if necessary. I would go further: the parent of a child with a weight problem that has reached medical proportions should take advantage of technology to get a grip on the situation and take charge of it. A better Gyges would have used his ring to invisibly ease his children’s suffering