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transformation of pneumococcal types”

First of all we would like to thank The Carter Center EPHTI,
Addis Abeba for the continual and unreserved support in
solving the shortage of teaching/learning materials in the
higher teaching institutions of Ethiopia.
We especially thank the national reviewers Mr. Asrat Demisie
(Addis abeba University) and Dr. Mesele Bezabih (Jimma
University) for their intensive and meticulouse review of this
lecture note.
We extend our sincere thanks to our colleagues Dr. Musa
Husien and Mr. Biftu Geda from Haramaya University Faculty
of Health Sciences for their invaluable comments in reviewing
the lecture note.
Our heart felt thanks also goes to interinstitutional reviewers
Mr. Birara Tadeg, (University of Gonder), Mr. Alemayohu
Bayray (Mekelle University), Wezam Tesfay (Defence College
of Health Sciences) and Mr. Mewael Fikru (Hawassa
University) for their constructive comments.
Finally, we wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Akililu
Mulugeta whose support and encouragement made this
lecture note possible.