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therapeutic intervention

  • Liver development, injury, repair, regeneration, growth, differentiation, development, and aging;
  • Hepatocyte and cholangiocyte dysplasia and pre-neoplasia; mechanisms of transformation; cellular immortalization and mutagenesis.
  • Liver cell and organ transplantation, liver ischemia-reperfusion injury and application of transplantation to the therapy of liver diseases.
  • Regulation of splanchnic blood flow and endothelial vascular function as it pertains to mechanisms of portal hypertension.
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of liver diseases, such as, fibrosis and cirrhosis including complications such as ascites and hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Viral hepatitis as it relates to the pathogenesis of hepatobiliary disease.
  • Pathogenesis of alcoholic liver injury, including the role of nutrient deficiencies and endotoxemia.