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Theory of Organizational Culture

On the other hand, long-term implementation of the bureaucratic model, with its centralization of power in the technostructure, leads to development and/or strengthening of authoritarian values of unequal distribution of power, and this is at the very basis of role culture or ‘Eiffel Tower’ culture. Role culture and ‘Eiffel Tower’ culture hold the assumption that the most suitable form of collective Organizational culture and structure 55 action is conducted through the work structure and tasks, and this is in complete accordance with high formalization and focus on procedures, systems, and structures in a bureaucratic organizational model. On the other hand, the very implementation of the bureaucratic organization model, with its strong presence of procedures, standards, and rules, develops and/or strengthens the values of rational collective action through the work structure and tasks which constitute the basis of role culture and ‘Eiffel Tower’ culture. Based on the above, we may establish the following hypothesis: