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the Science of Managing Black Swans

How to create a unique identification number Before moving an object to another location, give it a unique identification number so that you can track its movement during the evacuation operation. Ensure that the numbering system developed for evacuation purposes is simple, uniform and understood by all involved. It could be just numbers in ascending order (e.g. 01, 02), or a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. A001, A002). For further information, see the Toolkit, page 43. b. Place a label indicating both the location code and the unique identification number on the secondary support, i.e. the piece of cardboard, tray, or individual box used to transport the object. c. Complete the evacuation inventory and record any accession numbers (if found on the object), material, size, weight, and any other documentation criteria. 2 Carry the objects, together with their labels attached to secondary supports, to the prepared workspace and pack them (See Toolkit page 49). Ensure that a copy of the completed evacuation inventory accompanies the packed objects. 3 When packing objects, ensure that the labels bearing the unique identification numbers and location codes remain in place. The packing supports should also carry these labels. For more information, refer to the guidelines for packing objects in the Toolkit, page number 48. National Museum of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2016. Photo: Aparna Tandon, ICCROM. Security and stabilisation 85 Movement tracking form Entry number Box number Total number of items in a box handling/ Dispatched by Date Courier/vehicle number Date received Box number Total number of items in a box Received by 1 12 20 Glass: handle with care Abdel Hamid, curator 25 Jan xxx256 25 Jan 12 20 xxx store keeper … … … … … … … … … … … 4 Ensure that at least one member of the documentation team is tracking the placement of objects in their various boxes by completing a movement tracking form. This form is used to ensure that all objects have arrived at the new temporary storage location. Prepare multiple copies of the movement tracking form (see sample below). 5 Once all objects are packed, they can be transported to the new location. The package should include copies of the evacuation inventory and movement tracking form.