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The Salesforce Einstein Analytics Platform

Why choose Clootrack?

  1. AI-powered algorithms to gather data. The software does all the dirty work to collect and analyze all the information you need.
  2. Large pool of data. Clootrack captures customer conversations, discussions, published posts, and mentions from a large selection of sources across the internet.
  3. Organic insights. With Clootrack, you no longer need to hand out surveys to understand what they like or dislike about your brand. Instead, you can gain a clear view on the prevailing sentiments about your products or services.

Other Recommended Solutions

  1. Actian. This platform features data management, analytics database solution and data integration that let you process queries of various data types, such as, SQL, embedded, relational, object and NoSQL. It integrates with a variety of apps and databases in both on-premise and cloud deployment model and is ideal for large and medium enterprises.
  2. Analyse-it. An Excel-based data visualization and statistical analysis tool, this software suits users who are familiar or comfortable with spreadsheets. Non-technical users with limited statistics skills will also find it intuitive especially that file formats are saved as an Excel workbook, making collaboration simple.
  3. Pyramid Analytics. A user-friendly high-end analytics platform, this comes with a self-service BI portal. It is also compatible with any browser or device and features tools to generate various data modeling that helps you understand complex business issues.
  4. Arcadia Data. A BI platform with real-time capabilities that can scale to a variety of data modeling demands, Arcadia Data is an ideal tool to help you understand complex statistics fast. The system has a strong orientation towards data security and, in fact, aims to set the standard on preventing data leaks.
  5. SigmaPlot. A data analysis tool to help you create graphs fast even for non-technical users, this software can also integrate with Excel for data organization and PowerPoint for presenting outputs.
  6. dxFeed Bookmap. A revolutionary data visualization solution, dxFeed Bookmap provides users with a crystal clear view of the market to equip them with essential data to make smarter business decisions. The platform is primarily designed for traders who are looking to track the dynamics of Depth of Market and explore the evolution of the order book.
  7. AtomLynx Insights Engine. This business intelligence solution and data analytics platform gathers all important metrics and information from disparate sources and places them on a single platform for fast and efficient data analysis. It also leverages AI to provide you with the relevant metrics you need.
  8. Displayr. An intuitive BI system for beginners yet powerful for pros, Displayr features tools for visualization, exploration, modeling, and reporting. It also utilizes drag-and-drop variable manipulation, full R Language support, and statistical testing.
  9. Statistix. Featuring a menu-driven interface and easy navigation for non-statisticians, Statistix features powerful data manipulation capabilities. The vendor also offers free technical support.