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The revenue recognition,

This Summer School course serves as an introduction to the core concepts in finance. You will learn the nature and workings of financial markets and their use by corporations, investors and others, and the relevance of theory for financial and investment decision making. You will acquire skills in modern valuation techniques, including the pricing of fixed-income securities, equities and derivatives.

You will learn about the principles of finance, including:

  • Arbitrage
  • Market efficiency
  • Asset pricing models
  • Portfolio theory

You will develop an understanding of:

  • the basic principles of finance; the time value of money, the notion of compound interest, the definition of the internal rate of return, the valuation of financial instruments and the perpetual growth model.
  • How to apply the criteria that companies use to make investment decisions.
  • The concepts of market efficiency, portfolio risk and diversification.
  • The principal functions of capital markets.
  • The distinct features of main financial instruments including debt, equity and financial derivatives.
  • the general principles of the pricing and use of financial instruments.

Further information about Principles of Finance is available in the course outline.