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The Privileged Status of Knowing Mechanistic Information:

Overcoming the developmental challenges is crucial to maximising the ease and speed of development, minimizing the gap that occur between a child’s ability and those of their same aged peers, the confidence of the child as well as the frustration that can be encountered by the child’s parents and/or care-givers.

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Specific information about Child Development by developmental skill and age group

Charts: The following charts can be use by parents to determine if their child’s development is progressing within the normal range (please note this is only a guide not an absolute assessment) and possible implications if a child has not reached typical developmental milestones for their age.

Checklists: The following checklists can be used by parents to highlight areas that a child’s development may be delayed in and to determine whether an Occupational Therapy or Speech Pathology assessment may be beneficial to their child.