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The Fundamentals of Cyber Systems Test and Evaluation

User testing typically follows alpha testing in the development of web-based instruction. User testing occurs when the courseware is released in real settings to users who are expected to report back any problems they find with the program. The testers should be learners who mirror the target audience. User testing can also used to evaluate the changes made as a result of alpha testing. User testing is typically the final formative assessment.

In e-learning solutions, designers not only need to assess the efficacy of their instruction, but also the quality and performance of the systems that deliver the instruction. For the purpose of this module, user testing in e-learning courses is formative evaluation conducted at the end of the development cycle. User testing of e-learning courses evaluates instructional objectives, software quality assurance, and the overall user experience.

Setting up, conducting and prioritizing information gathered during the user testing process is usually organized as follows . . .

  • Identify participants
    • For user testing of this module, ISD experts and graduate school students were invited to test the module as a sample population of the target audience.
  • Set up the user testing
    • Prepare for user testing by identifying any SMEs, the participants, the instructional materials, and equipment.
  • Conduct user testing
  • Evaluate the results
  • Implement the results
    • Once you’ve evaluated the user testing results, you’ll want to make the final revisions to your e-learning course.

These are the basics needed to describe formative evaluation and user testing. The next lesson, Review Evaluation Plan will expand on this knowledge. But before going to the next lesson, test yourself yourself on this topic first – Check Your Knowledge