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Analysis of culture – Raymond Williams

  1. 1. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignThe Analysis of Culture Raymond Williams Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  2. 2. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignDefinition of Culture Ideal Documentary Social State or process of The body of Description of a human perfection in intellectual and particular way of life terms of absolute or imaginative work expressing certain universal values where human thought meanings and values in and experience are art, learning, institutions variously recorded and ordinary behaviourAnalysis of Culture Discovery and The activity of Clarification of description of those criticism meanings and values values in lives and implicit and explicit in a works. particular way of life. Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  3. 3. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignEach of these definitions present importantreferencesabouttheculturetherefore; Any theory of culture Any particular must include all three. definitionbetween those three is inadequate if excludes the others Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  4. 4. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignFor ideal definition,Difficult to identify the process of human perfection withthe discovery of absolute values because these areordinarily defined. Instead of human perfection,theprocess can be called as human evolution theprocess of general humangrowth of man Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  5. 5. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignDocumentary analysis of cultureprovidesspecificevidence about the whole organizationBut it cannot be really claimed to know the societyalthough a great deal of history has been writtenNeedforselection of particularactivitiesforemphasis Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  6. 6. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignCulturalhistorymust be morethansum of thoseparticularhistories,but alsotherelationsbetweenthemTheory of culturethestudy of relationshipsbetweenelements in a whole way of life.Analysis of culture the attempt to discover the nature ofthe organization which is thecomplex of these relationships. Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  7. 7. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignSocial character structure of the people ofthesocietyorsocialclassaccordingtotheirway of life.Pattern of culture selection andconfiguration of interestsandactivitiesand a particularvaluation ofthem. Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  8. 8. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignStructure of feeling the particular livingresult of all theelements in the generalorganization• Is not seemto be learned.• Is not possessed in thesamewaybythemanyindividuals in thecommunity Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013
  9. 9. ID 501 – Advanced Project Development in Industrial DesignThis element, structure of feeling, can be learnedbylookingdocumentaryculture Show the life in directterms Kübra Sıvışoğlu 28.02.2013