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Sustainable Development Sub-Component

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is charged with the function of coordination and supervision of Government ministries. In furtherance of this responsibility, areas where coordination and supervision are important include the environment in general and climate change in particular. By their very nature these activities are cross-cutting, even if specific ministries are tasked to lead. They are critical for sustainable national development, are key to poverty reduction, and in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. 

The OPM therefore seeks to undertake activities in the area of environment generally, and climate change in particular, by establishing an Environment and Climate Change Unit (ECCU) under its Policy Coordination Department. The support provided under NRMP seeks to establish and capacitate the ECCU to undertake the following tasks: 

  • Policy analysis and research in the area of environment and climate change relating to national development, poverty reduction and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals; 
  • Policy advice to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister in the area of environment and climate change coordination; 
  • Policy consultations and dialogue to facilitate coordinated policy development and implementation through, inter alia, workshops, seminars and conferences; 
  • Policy dissemination through publications, special feature articles in the print media, and press conferences; and 
  • Establishment of a twinning arrangement with an appropriate international centre with expertise on environment and climate change with a view to sharing of experiences and for further sharpening of the policy’s analytical tools in these areas.