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sustainability issues in campaigns & special publications

Tools/activities to communicate sustainability a) Magazine Each issue has a main topic (e.g. Food, Design, Media, The State of the Planet, Big Ideas, High-Tech/Low-Tech). Content areas: politics, business & money, health, technology, buying, science, environment, art & design, mobility, media, culture, education. Magazine sections: Look: a visual tour of creative ideas around the world. Transparency: an info graphic = a visual exploration of data on a certain topic. Marketplace: informs on consumer culture and presents sustainable products. Provocations / Stimuli: essays to stimulate thought and action/ essays on the newest trends in culture. GOOD Project: user/reader creativity contests (e.g. Design a Liveable Street, Create the best global finance info graphic). Features / Portraits: in depth explorations of people, ideas, and institutions (e.g. profiles of a New York academic who prescribes art projects for environmental health related illnesses, a conservative preacher’s wife who encourages churches to distribute HIV/AIDS medications in Africa, and a scientist who convinced Wal-Mart to try to sell one energy- efficient fluorescent light bulb to each of its customers). b) Video GOOD has to date produced more than 200 video clips. Distribution: In addition to streaming the videos, GOOD has syndication agreements with multiple online portals such as MySpace, YouTube, imeem and Daily Motion. Formats: Business (sustainable business), News (daily 90 second spot; discontinued in February 2009), Look (visual tour of creative ideas for a better world), Transparency (info graphic videos, 2-4 minutes) Style: Similar to the magazine, the videos are entertaining, well-designed, and take a positive perspective. c) Event GOOD uses events all across the US as marketing tools and at the same time offers members of the sustainability community a way of connecting with each other. Past events include magazine subscribers only parties, sports tournaments, or fundraising parties. In addition to the company’s own events, GOOD offers community space in its headquarters facility for events with social relevance (e.g. seminars, workshops, discussion rounds, exhibitions etc.) and promotes these events on its internet website. d) Website The GOOD website is where all areas of the company’s activities come together. It features full magazine content, all videos, and announces events. In addition, the website offers an online community and various blogs. Part of the blogs feature daily postings from the editors of GOOD,