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Stock and pricing data integration

Stock security

Keeping stock secure depends on knowing what you have, where it is located and how much it is worth – so good records are essential. Stock that is portable, does not feature the business’ logo, or is easy to sell on, is at particular risk.

Thieves and shoplifters

A thief coming in from outside is an obvious threat. Check the security around your premises to keep the risk to a minimum. In a store, thieves may steal in groups – some providing a distraction while others take goods. Teach your staff to be alert and to recognise behaviour like this. Set up a clear policy and make sure staff are trained in dealing with thieves.

Offering to help a customer if you are suspicious will often prevent a theft. Avoid using confrontational words like “steal” if you do have to approach a suspected thief, and avoid getting into a dangerous situation.

Protect your stock

  • Identify and mark expensive portable equipment (such as computers). If possible, fit valuable stock with security tags – such as Radio Frequency Identification tags – which will sound an alarm if they are moved.
  • Don’t leave equipment hanging around after delivery. Put it away in a secure place, record it and clear up packaging. It is a good idea to dispose of packaging securely -leaving boxes in view could be an advertisement to thieves.
  • Take regular inventories.
  • Put CCTV in parking lots and other key locations.