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Visitor Analytics is a simple to use analytics platform that allows users to quickly see and retrieve insightful information about their visitor’s experience. This user-friendly data analytics software displays comprehensive metrics and charts for easy identification of website issues, incoming generating factors, website visitor paths, and other information that can prove valuable to improve your business.

With Visitor Analytics, you have access to detailed dashboards that have all key information you need at a glance. Basically, the software provides you all the key data you need on a silver platter. You can also view all information on your mobile devices, which means you can whip out your phone to check on traffic stats, page performance, conversion rates, and other metrics.

Why choose Visitor Analytics?

  1. Easily comprehensible data. Visitor Analytics removes the guesswork and complexities of analyzing complex data and statistics. The software provides you all the key data and metrics you need for understanding the experience of your visitors.
  2. Insightful information for business planning. Use the data to your advantage by improving the layout for optimal visitor paths and conversions.
  3. A wealth of visitor experience data. Capture data on devices and browsers used, geographical location, page performance, behavior history, referrals, and others.