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Solid natural language query in third-party applications.

Birst is a solution that utilizes data analytics in a network that connects your insights for making smarter business decisions. These networked analytics solutions combine the speed, agility, and usability of consumer-grade desktop tools with the needs of IT specialists for data governance and scalability. It has a multi-tenant cloud architecture that enables the expansion of data analytics across departments, product lines, and regions.

Its specialty lies on its 2-tier approach for end-user data visualization, querying, and production-oriented business intelligence. You can extract data and maximize connectivity options in various databases and cloud or on-premise applications. Developers can build their own connections or they may use its numerous integrations with third-party systems.

Why choose Birst?

  1. User data tier. This lets you enable data as a service for data governance by both centralized and de-centralized teams. It is used for aggregating and governing a complex mix of enterprise data with agility and speed.
  2. Adaptive user experience. Users get a broad choice in how they interact with data that adapts to modern work styles. Regardless of the device used, you will see the same consistent interface with tools that you prefer.
  3. Multi-tenant cloud architecture. It connects everyone in a single, networked view of data through the virtualization of the entire data analytics ecosystem.

9. IBM Analytics

IBM Analytics dashboard example

IBM Analytics is a data analytics tool specializing in evidence-based insights to support crucial decision-making for your business. It simplifies how you collect, organizes and analyze your data to allow an optimized procurement, management, and scale. You even get freedom on how you collect all types of data from various data sources.

The tool also lets you build a secure foundation for your analytics and organize your data in a business-aligned, single source of truth. Furthermore, it lets you scale your insights by incorporating evidence-based insights into your decisions that were previously unobtainable. This can help you analyze data in a smarter way.