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Soil Quality Guidelines for Methanol

Typical atmospheric uranium concentrations were reported to range from 0.025 to 0.1 ng/m3 (NCRP 1999). A mean concentration of 0.076 ng/m3 was reported for New York City, based on two composite samples from weekly air sampling conducted in 1985/1986 (Fisenne et al. 1987). Stevenson and Pan (1996) reported that average total uranium activity levels within the continental United States dropped from nearly 2 μBq/m3 (or 0.05 ng/m3 ) in 1976 to below 1 μBq/m3 (or 0.025 ng/m3 ) in 1993. Annual mean concentrations of uranium in air (probably present as particulates) near a Canadian uranium refinery in Port Hope, Ontario varied from 2 to 4 ng/m3 (Cameco Corporation 2002). Ahier and Tracy (1997) reported that Port Hope air within 2 km of a uranium refinery varied from < 0.06 ng/m3 to 76 ng/m3 with a geometric mean of 1.0 ng/m3 . During summer slowdown periods, Ahier and Tracy (1997) reported a decrease in air concentrations of uranium which is suggestive that airborne uranium was primarily due to processing operations rather than resuspension of soils containing previously emitted uranium. The background concentration of uranium in southern Ontario has been reported to be about 0.1 ng/m3