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social-economic and cultural factors

The sites vary considerably in the specific kinds of employment-related services they offer and in the kinds of education and training providers they utilize. However, across the sites residents have tended to want and have been given assistance by Jobs-Plus to try to find work as quickly as possible. Individualized job search guidance is a core program feature at all sites. Some sites have also provided or referred residents to group-based job clubs, which teach job-hunting and interviewing techniques. Instruction (directly or through referral to other organizations) is also offered in “soft” employment skills, such as understanding employers’ expectations and appropriate workplace behavior. In addition, sites are trying to make job listings easily available to residents, such as by providing access to computers in Jobs-Plus resource centers to help residents search for jobs posted on the Internet. To supplement residents’ individual job-search efforts, local programs offer assistance from professional job developers who identify employers who are looking for workers in positions for which Jobs-Plus participants would be suitable. 30 THE ANNALS OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY © 2005 American Academy of Political & Social Science. All rights reserved. Not for commercial use or unauthorized distribution. Downloaded from at INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA on February 25, 2008 They also try to generate special employment opportunities by encouraging employers to recruit from the Jobs-Plus program when future vacancies occur