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Silencing effect of TRPC4 on HCAECs proliferation

Benefit managers provide access to a broad range of medications at “a rate that is sustainable for the state budget while also fairly compensating pharmacies for services they provide,” said Scott Woods, a senior director of state affairs at the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, a pharmacy benefit managers group. Spread pricing is just one option that clients, such as states or insurers, can choose as part of their contracts, they say.

Pharmacy benefit managers are “the last line of defense to protect patients and payers from the skyrocketing drug prices set by manufacturers,” said Mike DeAngelis, a spokesman for CVS Health, which owns one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers, CVS Caremark, in an email. He said CVS Caremark’s work with Illinois’ Medicaid managed care program improves care for patients and saves money for taxpayers.

But Illinois’ independent pharmacists say they and their rural customers are suffering under the system, and the state’s not saving money.

After 30 years in business, Bruce Stacy closed his pharmacy in Lincoln in August, selling his prescription files and inventory to CVS, which operates a nearby pharmacy. He said between his age, 69, and low reimbursements for medications, it was time for him to step away, though he would have preferred to sell his business to another independent pharmacist.