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Short-term goals (the management should be in good shape by the second week

Quadrants as it relates to one’s personal experience Trust and Empowerment Fear and Control Function, Intention and Effectiveness 1-Paradigm Personal References Pulled by a vision of Excellence I win the right way and with my team I trust the high quality processes I have found. The more I trust and focus on refining the process the better the outcomes get. Others are basically good if I let myself see them clearly. Everyone is on their own journey and is trying to get their needs met. I can feel a movement to a self-evident natural condition that feels internally right. Overall life is improving. 2-Paradigm personal References Working hard to make it happen I need to do whatever it takes to win I make it happen with effort, telling, selling and policy. It mostly “works” for me. Others tend to be really helpful one moment and then let me down the next, if others were a little better my life would be better. I feel like I am having to work hard to keep everything together and working right, with moments of success and relief. Dysfunction, Accidentalness and Ineffectiveness 3-Paradigm Personal References Letting life happen to me One can’t ever really win in the end There is really not a lot anyone can do to make things better. Others are doing their own thing. Who am I to judge, we all have to do what works for us. I feel like I can mostly just rely on myself and can’t really relate to any definition of universal good or “the right way.” 4-Paradigm Personal References In Opposition to a resistant world I win and you lose If you don’t take to the offense you will get run over by the system and all the predators out there. Others tend to be mostly confused, brainwashed, prejudice, losers, etc, if they were smart they would see how great I am and respect me. I feel like life is a struggle against so many oppositional forces, and overall the world seems to be getting progressively worse