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Levels of territorial administration and their different responsibilities

The primary dependent variable, Civic event indicator, thus excludes religious, for-profit
and NGO activities, resulting in a total of 6000 of the original 9406 events. 2915 survey
participants, or 52 percent of the sample, report participation in at least one event in the
included categories. For most analyses, I use a binary indicator of whether or not an individual reports participation in at least one included activity on the civic event register. Such
an indicator answers the question of whether treatment inspired new entrants into civic life
as opposed to whether treatment generated a marginal increase in civic participation. Count
data is subject to greater measurement error resulting from variation in enumerator effort
to record multiple events as well as participant patience in recounting multiple events. The
count data also contains several outliers that disproportionately affect the analyses. I report
analyses using the count dependent variable and dropping extreme outliers in the appendix.