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Strategic Consideration in PR Communication Abroad 

Assignment 1: Innovation and Change: Strategic Consideration in PR Communication Abroad 

In this module, you read about and discussed aspects regarding innovation and change, strategic communication, public relations (PR) tactics, media relations, internal communications, public affairs, crisis management, information exchange, credibility, emotional tone, communications richness, and, of course, an ethics component. You additionally acquired a better perspective on strategic communication’s role in an organization. You learned about the principles that form the basis of a successful PR program and got an overview of the various PR strategies organizations adopt to increase sales and get coverage. You analyzed the impact of communications strategies on organizational change and considered such change from an ethics perspective.


Employees’ buy-in is critical to the success of any planned organizational change:

  • Find a current event example of organizational change in the news or other media or even a current organizational change in your organization and discuss per the following requirements.
    • In addition to employees, discuss other potential barriers to innovation and change.
    • Evaluate different communication and PR strategies organizations can employ to gain employees’ and community stakeholders’ support.
    • Select any one strategy or approach and examine the strategy/approach’s advantages and disadvantages.

Give reasons in support of your responses. Be sure to cite any relevant resources.

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all the components of the discussion question in detail; include citations of all sources, where needed, according to APA style; and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.