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Schema Integration

Row (BSI)




The Row query is overloaded to work on integer values as well as timestamp values. Returns bits that are true for the comparison operator.

Result Type: object with attrs and columns


In our source data, commitactivity was counted over the last year. The following greater-than Row query returns all columns with a field value greater than 100 (repositories having more than 100 commits):

Row(commitactivity > 100)
  • columns are repositories which had at least 100 commits in the last year.

BSI range queries support the following operators:

>greater-than, GTinteger
<less-than, LTinteger
<=less-than-or-equal-to, LTEinteger
>=greater-than-or-equal-to, GTEinteger
==equal-to, EQinteger
!=not-equal-to, NEQinteger or null

A bounded interval can be specified by chaining the < and <= operators (but not others). For example:

Row(50 < commitactivity < 150)

As of Pilosa 1.0, the “between” syntax Row(frame=stats, commitactivity >< [50, 150]) is no longer supported.