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reproducing analyses


  • Matrix manipulations : As a vector- and matrix-based language, base R ships with many powerful tools for doing matrix manipulations, which are complemented by the packages Matrix and SparseM.
  • Optimization and mathematical programming : R and many of its contributed packages provide many specialized functions for solving particular optimization problems, e.g., in regression as discussed above. Further functionality for solving more general optimization problems, e.g., likelihood maximization, is discussed in the the Optimization task view.
  • Bootstrap : In addition to the recommended boot package, there are some other general bootstrapping techniques available in bootstrap or simpleboot as well some bootstrap techniques designed for time-series data, such as the maximum entropy bootstrap in meboot or the tsbootstrap() from tseries.
  • Inequality : For measuring inequality, concentration and poverty the package ineq provides some basic tools such as Lorenz curves, Pen’s parade, the Gini coefficient and many more.
  • Structural change : R is particularly strong when dealing with structural changes and changepoints in parametric models, see strucchange and segmented.
  • Exchange rate regimes : Methods for inference about exchange rate regimes, in particular in a structural change setting, are provided by fxregime.
  • Global value chains : Tools and decompositions for global value chains are in gvc and decompr.
  • Regression discontinuity design : A variety of methods are provided in the rddrddapprddtoolsrdrobust, and rdlocrand packages. The rdpower package offers power calculations for regression discontinuity designs. And rdmulti implements analysis with multiple cutoffs or scores.
  • Gravity models : Estimation of log-log and multiplicative gravity models is available in gravity.
  • z-Tree zTree can import data from the z-Tree software for developing and carrying out economic experiments.
  • Numerical standard errors nse implements various numerical standard errors for time series data, especially in simulation experiments with correlated outcome sequences