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Due to vast growth in speed of threats to databases, research efforts need to be devoted in issues like :

1. Data quality
The database community needs techniques and organizational solutions to assess and attest the quality of data. These techniques include simple mechanisms such as quality stamps that are posted on websites. Also requires techniques to provide more effective integrity semantics verification and tools for the assessment of data quality, based on techniques such as record linkage. Application level recovery techniques are also needed for automatically repairing incorrect data. The Extract Transform Load tools widely used to load data in data warehouses are presently grappling with these issues.

2. Intellectual property rights
With the widespread use of the Internet and Intranets, legal and informational aspects of data are becoming major concerns of organizations. To address these concerns, watermarking techniques for relational data have recently been proposed. The main purpose of digital watermarking is to protect content from unauthorized duplication and
distribution by enabling provable ownership of the content. It has traditionally relied upon the availability of a large noise domain within which the object can be altered while retaining its essential properties. However research is needed to assess the robustness of such techniques and to investigate different approaches aimed at preventing intellectual property rights violations.