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policies and procedures update frequency.

Read the Transitional Care scenario, located in the Allied Health Community. Be sure to review the Instructions and Legend information.

In a total of 250-500 words, respond to the questions located in the Transitional Care scenario with references.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

Type of Care Provided
Transitional Care is a moderate to long term facility that focuses on therapy, wound care, and medical
management of chronic diseases. Individuals within transitional care can range from low need or minimal
care to individuals who are total care patients need 24 hour nursing assistance. These facilities are often
known as Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing Facility or Subacute Rehab.
As the Director of Human Resources at a transitional health care organization, you are charged with the
overall administration of over 700 health care professional employees. This transitional health care organization
is currently celebrating its 40th year in the community and serves as a model organization envied
by local competitors. As the Director of Human Resources, you are responsible for hiring, orientation,
training and development, compensation and benefits, and employee relations. Given the long existence
of the organization, there have been many instances where management has been tasked with creating
or modifying the company personnel policies and procedures.
You have recently met with the CEO regarding some topics related to human resources, including the
concern that the facility is experiencing some complaints regarding management, especially in the area
of employee-related adverse actions. Some employees complain that they are being unfairly singled out
for corrective actions and progressive discipline. They claim that current policies are being unfairly administered
and some of the policies are out of date. Additionally, there have been too many medication
errors and harmful patient treatments by the nursing staff that have resulted in nursing management
creating new policies and procedures in an effort to fix immediate issues.
The CEO has directed you to resolve these issues. Given the above scenario, respond to each question
with and include references to support your proposed solution.
Question 1
What are some methods or practices to rationally and effectively discuss issues and resolve conflict?
(What would your plan be to determine if the undesired patient outcomes are related to policy, related to
procedure, or related to some other issue?
Question 2
What are the differences between the Personnel Policy Manual and the Employee Guide?
Question 3
How do you plan to create procedures from policies?
Question 4
What kind of tools would you use to create procedures?
Question 5
How do you determine if each manager is up to date with the policies and procedures?
Question 6
Question 7
How often should policies and procedures be updated?
Who performs the updates to policies and procedures?