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National Medium Term Development framework

Between 2001 and 2008 the collective efforts of the Conference of African ministers of public service to improve governance and public administration continued through two fronts. On one hand efforts were directed at ensuring the Charter for the Public Service in Africa was refined for adoption by the relevant policy organs of the African Union as well as strengthening the relationship and programmatic alignment of the Ministerial Conference into AU processes. On the other hand the programmatic work of the Conference of Ministers was to be reconciled with the Charter. In future the Charter is meant to be the cornerstone for defining elements of collective continental, regional and national engagements and reform efforts in public administration. GUIDE ON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INCLUDING MEASUREMENT, MONITORING AND EVALUATION 2011 2 It is against this background that the 6th Conference of African Ministers of Public/Civil Service adopted the Implementation Framework for the Long Term Strategy (LTS) on Governance and Public Administration. The LTS is anchored on the African Charter for the Values and Principles of the African Public Service, which serves as the key instrument to guide the transformation process of the African public service. The Charter is a strategic approach to bringing about capable developmental states in Africa that are people-oriented, accountable, and driven by service to the citizenry. It seeks to promote good governance, efficient and effective public service delivery, as well as provide a framework for engaging with global partners.