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multichannel inventory management

Mastering multichannel inventory management

Operating a multichannel business can bring with it many complexities, not least how you’ll manage inventory levels across all of your sales channels.

Delivering a consistent service to your customers becomes tricky when they are buying and interacting on many channels. Multiple touchpoints like the ones involved with multichannel retail can present more opportunity for delay, human error and bottlenecks – and you risk losing control over your business and your most valuable asset – your inventory.

Taking an order for an item you no longer have available to sell is expensive, both in terms of the potential missed opportunity, and the time and effort it takes to communicate with your customer and avoid any disappointment. But equally, it’s also expensive to carry inventory that isn’t offered for sale across all of your sales channels.

When your inventory is wrong, everything’s wrong. Taking control of your inventory management is the answer; you’ll find 15 best practice tips below to help you to do just that.