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Monitor the health of all network devices

Network Performance Management

Computer networks form the backbone of any organization’s IT infrastructure. With businesses relying heavily on internet based applications, it is very critical that the end users remain unaffected, due to network related issues. Hence monitoring and improving network performance becomes absolutely essential to keep businesses up and running at all times. This will ensure that service level agreements (SLA) are maintained and prompt the swift and smooth delivery of business critical solutions.

A network is prone to many errors that can seriously impact its performance. Therefore it is necessary for it to be proactively monitored detect network performance issues and prevent mishaps, thus ensuring the smooth functioning of critical applications. Proactive monitoring involves diagnosing and troubleshooting network issues before they are evident to the end user and actively eliminating threats.

A typical network monitoring and troubleshooting process would adopt the following flow

network monitoring and troubleshooting process

Why is OpManager a perfect fit for your network monitoring needs?

OpManager offers a proactive network monitoring solution and is loaded with powerful features that enable IT administrators to resolve network outages quickly and take control of their network.

With OpManager, it is now easy to

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