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Meeting constant disruption with constant design

CSWS DE facilitates data between the Contractor Inventory Control Points (CICPs) and AF legacy systems that do not allow direct commercial access. This enables contractors to input and view, with Government concurrence, needed information. It is automated web-based tech solution to collect spares, parts usage, failure rate and pipeline data from contractors and pass that data to Government legacy systems. This provides asset visibility from forward operating locations to supply systems, to contractor and perhaps to supplier inventories. Spares Support IPT have online edit and query capabilities and users visibility of spares and usage data via the internet. Introduction: CSWS DE was an AF/A4LR initiative to provide visibility of contractor controlled weapon system item usage data during all phases of operational use. This data enhances the Government’s position in determining the spares requirements at the transition point decision to continue with contractor Contract Logistics Support (CLS) or go to a Government Inventory Control Point (ICP)