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Managerial Accounting

Principles for Positive Impact Finance

The Principles for Positive Impact Finance are a high-level, inclusive, meta-framework for holistic impact management by financial institutions at the heart of their business operations. They are the core component of the Positive Impact Initiative for banks and investors.

By requiring that the three dimensions of sustainable development (environmental, social and economic) be considered via a transparent appraisal of both positive and negative impacts, they are designed to complement existing impact frameworks to:

drive better, SDG-serving business models across the economy
bring further clarity to market players and avoid ‘SDG-washing’
provide an entry point to deeper thinking on the financial value of positive impacts and the development of new, impact-driven business models.
Download the Principles for Positive Impact Finance brochure:

English version
Japanese version
PI Model Frameworks

The Model Frameworks are the tools through which the PI Principles are interpreted and implemented. They are developed by the PI Initiative to guide the delivery of Positive Impact financial products and for ongoing portfolio monitoring. Financial institutions can use them develop or adapt their own frameworks. Auditors, analysts and other stakeholders can use them to verify or provide opinions on the PI nature of financial products.

Download our Model Framework for specified use of proceeds (project-related finance)
Download our Model Framework for financial products for corporates with unspecified use of funds
Download our Model Framework for real estate investment