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Laughter and Ridicule

There are different ways to understand the stated dialectic and for theology to receive the necessary input that proceeds from the cognitive sciences. Confrontation is sometimes inevitable, particularly when scientists surpass their own epistemic boundaries. Only a step further would precipitate creative involvement, a ‘dialogical negotiation’ between both fields – science and theology – in order to recompose an image of human nature, respectful of the discoveries of science and, at the same time, faithful to Christian revelation, and able to transmit hope in a perilous time. There has been a discussion in recent years between certain philosophers and the new scientific view of the human being, from which, regrettably, theology has been absent, or paralysed by indecisiveness, preventing meaningful contribution. It is time for theology to reconsider its position and to make its contribution in order to enhance possible bridges between the scientific and humanistic sensibilities.