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Labor contract rules and regulations

rules and regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs), or past practices, to state that he or
she was not going to follow the order.
You will need to look at this personnel matter from the standpoint of both the employee and the supervisor, and you will
describe how long it took to resolve the matter in order to meet the requirements below.
Summarize a situation surrounding personnel management issues.
Evaluate the grievance process within your organization surrounding personnel management issues.
Critique steps taken in the grievance process to resolve or attempt to resolve personnel management issues.
Model recommendations and solutions surrounding the selected situation from the standpoint of the employee and
Remember, be mindful and respectful of those within your chosen situation by keeping specific names from being used.
This assignment must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. In addition to the
textbook, at least one outsides source must be used to address the aforementioned requirements.
Case study

it is Saturday afternoon when chief Johnson notifies lieutenant Walters that a spot is available in next week’s pump operator course. This NFPA 1002-complaint, week-long course is held at the regional fire academy, and this is the only time the course is available. After checking his records. Walters tells fire fighter kinder to report to the academy Monday morning at 0800. “sorry, but i cant go.” states kinders.”our shift is on scheduled days off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week and i have plans.” Walter points out that kinders needs the class before he can become a backup engine driver. “are you really sure about this?” kinder ask. “i think the new labor contract requires 72-hour notice for any work schedule changes.” Frustrated, Lt. Williams states, “This is a direct order. You are to report to the academy on Monday at 8 am.””okay,” says kinders,”this is an unfair labor practice and a violation of the labor agreement between the IAFF local and the city fire department. This is your notice of my step 1 grievance. I am officially requesting that you comply with the 72 hour advance notice of a work schedule change. i will be contacting my battalion representative.”

1.does a labor contract override personnel regulation?
2.what is the role of a supervising fire officer in labor disputes? can this situation be resolved fairly and appropriately?