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Intrapersonal Persuasive Communication

Intrapersonal communication involves reflective thinking or internal vocalization. Persuasive intrapersonal communication happens when you try to convince yourself to do something. If you’ve ever been on the edge of a diving board and tried to persuade yourself to jump, you were practicing persuasive intrapersonal communication. Another time you may have used persuasive intrapersonal communication is if you were dealing with a stressful situation and used self-talk to calm yourself down.

Interpersonal Persuasive Communication

Interpersonal communication is communication between two people who already possess a close bond. Persuasive interpersonal communication involves the use of persuasive techniques between these people. Have you ever begged your mother to let you stay out late? Guess what. You were practicing persuasive interpersonal communication.

Since persuasive interpersonal communication occurs between two people, it can use more elements of composition than intrapersonal communication. Persuasive interpersonal communication can include persuasive reading and visuals as well as conversational speech.