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inventory control system

fenyaSoft is a software company specializing in all types of systems and services that automate repetitive business processes that ultimately result in one or more accounting transactions.

  • Our specialty is the provision of software solutions that integrate into Sage Pastel (Xpress, Partner and Evolution), JD Edwards and Microsoft Great Plains.
  • We provide turnkey solutions that consists of barcode scanner hardware/software, specialized training, advanced technical support, desktop, web, mobile device and Android development.
  • Our software solutions offer full integration into the accounting system for many different processes.Note Integration this context is not the import/export of CSV files but tight integration into the actual database.
  • Our solutions consist of FMCG Order processing, warehouse management, EDI Integration, mobile sales management and the like.

Our Solutions :Warehouse Management Solutions (we offer Excel integration for other accounting systems)

FenyaWM is an Android based Warehouse Management System(WMS) that uses barcoding to optimize warehouse operations providing:

  • simplicity of use
  • streamlining of tedious manual processes
  • greatly improvong accuracy of operational (the warehouse) to administrative (the accounting system) transactions
  • superior reporting provides a new perspective on your back office activities
  • the most cost effective use of technology in the warehouse

Key Features include:

  • User Access and Restrictions
    • FenyaWM is user orientated, Supervisor users can be assigned to manage ‘General’ user access.
  • Full wireless capabilities(WIFI/3G)
    • No additional and complicated wired networks needed
  • Off-line capabilities
    • All scanned data is stored on the device and can be uploaded when the wireless network is operational
  • No geographical restrictions, FenyaWM can be deployed anywhere where there is internet access (WIFI/3G)
  • Serial Number & Lot Number integration
    • All FenyaWM modules cater for Serial/Lot numbers
  • Traceability
    • FenyaWM tracks every transaction or process it has performed
  • Reporting; FenyaWM provides various reports, some of which are listed below;
    • Track worker productivity – FenyaWM tracks exactly what which user and device is doing – as well as how long they take to perform the relevant process
    • Track your general productivity – FenyaWM enables you to determine where you are losing precious time within your warehouse
    • Variance Reports: FenyaWM provides insight into the pattern of customer returns as well as reasoning for them
    • Accountability: FenyaWM enables you to tie down, to the stock item itself, which worker performed an action, as well as the date and time (to the second) it was performed
    • User Reports: In addition to the above FenyaWM gives you various reports on users and their input into your operations

FenyaWM includes several modules:

  • Sales/Invoicing
    • Pick orders by barcode thus ensuring customers receive the stock they ordered.
  • Goods Receiving
    • Use FenyaWM to ensure your suppliers are delivering the correct stock and minimize admin and paper-work in the process.
  • >Stock Take
    • Reduce capturing errors, admin work(stock counts loaded into Sage within seconds!!) and gain insight into your stock levels using the Stock Take module.
  • >Sales Credits
    • FenyaWM gives you insight into the reasoning and pattern of customer returns.
  • >Return to Suppliers
    • Capture Return