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influence of business customers’ decisions

“Any organizational buying situation involves the evaluation of a set of attributes […] in a decision-making process on which a variety of factors influence”. Hence, a clear understanding of the factors that influence business customers’ decisions regarding the purchasing of professional or knowledge-based services is extremely important for service providers and customer organisations alike On a general level, previous research has focused on various dimensions of organisational outsourcing and purchasing, including general conceptual developments factors that affect an individual’s influence on organisational purchasing decisions the length of time required to make major purchase decisions the effect of word-of-mouth on buyers’ behaviours and use of information technologyUnfortunately, although that “the tried and true rules for buying goods do not work when applied to the buying of professional services”, much of the existing literature on organisational purchasing focuses on the acquisition of physical resources, and the findings are not always applicable to KIBS purchases Moreover, the few studies that examine the purchasing of professional or KIBS are either conceptual in nature , and thus lacking in empirical evidence, or do not shed light on the issues that influence purchasing decisions. To gain a greater understanding of the dynamics and mechanisms of the purchasing of services in business-to-business markets, it is both academically and managerially important to explore and analyse the factors that influence the purchasing of KIBS. …… Nevertheless, formal and informal evaluation also takes place after the service is completed. The customer experiences either satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the provider, which affects their future purchasing decisions While purchasing KIBS, several other attributes have been highlighted by researchers as being important.