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Infectious disease, inflammatory and immune responses

Nutrient toxicities:
Chloride toxicity – Caused by saline water and soil conditions; plants wilt when soil moisture seems adequate; test and monitor irrigation water quality; plants vary in their tolerance to salinity.
Manganese toxicity – Yellowing of margins of older leaves; poor root development; favoured by acidic, waterlogged soil; lime soil to correct pH.
Ammonium toxicity “jelly butt” – Poor emergence followed by wilting and death of seedlings; browning of the central root tissue; favoured by excess ammonium from fertiliser or poultry manure in cold wet soil.
Physiological disorders of vegetable crops include:
Tipburn (physiological/nutritional) – a result of a calcium transport problem within the plant.
Blossom end rot (physiological/nutritional) – caused by a deficiency of calcium or insufficient calcium uptake and translocation to growing points.
Riciness of cauliflower.
Gomasho (grey speck) of cabbage and Chinese cabbage.
Measles on smooth skinned melons and cucumbers.
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