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Impressive sharing features.

Domo is a data analytics solution that aims to provide a digitally connected environment for your data, people, and systems. Your business’ data is put into work for all employees in your organization through real-time data refresh and drag-and-drop data preparation capabilities. Furthermore, partners outside of your organization also get to engage with your data to increase productivity and the ability to act on them.

Using a holistic view in your system, you can make more informed actions with the tool’s 7 platform components working together. You are notified with predictive alerts to bring crucial matters and issues into your attention with enough time before they make an impact on your organization.

Why choose Domo?

  1. Connected data. Bring your data directly together with over 500 data connectors from any third-party source such as on the cloud, on-premise, and proprietary systems.
  2. Instant data-driven chat. It has more than 300 interactive charts and dashboards both for desktop and mobile use.
  3. Native mobile apps. Manage responsibilities on your mobile devices both for Android and iOS that’s intuitive, real-time, and designed for on-the-go usage.

6. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense dashboard example

Qlik Sense is powered by the associative engine to deeply extract insights commonly missed by other query-based data analytics tools. It does so by indexing each possible relationship between data and combining them from various data sources into a centralized view. The cloud-based data analytics platform provides you with flexibility in providing the right solution for various cases for analysts, teams, and global enterprises.

The absence of pre-aggregated data from common query-based tools paves the way for asking new questions and generating analytics even without waiting for the help of experts in building new queries. Sharing of insights is made with ease regardless of your organization’s size as the system enables work collaboration in a secure, unified hub.