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Identify and assess traditions and knowledge

Cultural heritage first aid training in the Mediterranean: the PROMEDHE project PROMEDHE (Protecting Mediterranean Cultural Heritage during Disasters) is a multi-partner intiative of the Italian Civil Protection Department, which is financed by the General Directorate of the European Commission for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO). Within the framework of this initiative, ICCROM was invited to train teams comprising a mix of civil protection, civil defence and cultural heritage professionals from five countries in the Mediterranean region. The objectives were to develop capacity and common standard operating procedures for cultural heritage first aid in the aftermath of natural disasters. As a result of the training, participating countries have gone on to conduct national workshops to train civil protection professionals, heritage professionals and other volunteers, enhancing their respective national capacities for implementing cultural heritage first aid on a large scale. See references on page 165. Città di Castello, Italy, 2017. Photo: PROMEDHE and ICCROM. Security and stabilisation 73 How to implement security and stabilisation actions for movable and immovable cultural heritage? Security and stabilisation actions for cultural heritage are contextdependent and vary accordingly. Nevertheless, the following actions may assist in the smooth implementation of specific measures, regardless of the type of heritage affected and the nature of the emergency. Secure the site Before taking action to stabilise movable or immovable heritage at a site, you must ensure that it is secure and safe to enter. All personnel must be informed of the risks and be provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment (see Toolkit, page 10). The following actions will help to ensure the site is secure and safe to commence work: 1 Erect safety barriers. Once the on-site damage and risk assessment has been completed, cordon off all areas regarded as unsafe, and install safety and security barriers around the affected site or collection.