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How Career Development Training is the Catalyst for Increased Employee Retention

How Career Development Training is the Catalyst for Increased Employee Retention

May 27, 2016Malcolm Rowlings3 min read

One of the keys to a successful business is retaining top talent that you’ve trained and help developed over the months and years. You may think your current employee retention strategies, including onboarding, are beneficial for the employee, but recent research shows the exact opposite. One third of new hires quit their jobs after about six months, and one third of employees knew whether they would stay with their company long-term after their first week.

Furthermore, this retention not only affects a business’s bottom line, but other team and organizational dynamics, including career development training programs that happens during and after onboarding. It’s important for organizations to look into their current training programs and see what immediate and long-term changes need to be made so overall employee retention doesn’t suffer.

Below are five benefits of career development training programs and their influence on employee retention.

Career training programs help set the scene for future company retention goals

Having an interactive training program that collects and uses data analysis can help organizations see the success rate and where improvements can be made. For instance, if one training program is lacking overall employee engagement or the skills developed are not translating well for on-the-job tasks, consider implementing video and/or rich media into your program. These tactics can help motivate and make the overall training more meaningful and memorable for the employee—which directly impacts important factors, such as onboarding and company culture. Training program analysis is a great first step to see where your employee retention is at and what goals can be set.