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Fundamentals of Cyber Systems Test and Evaluation


The ADDIE Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model w:ADDIE_Model is a generic ISD model that is used traditionally by instructional designers and training developers.

The five phases — Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation — represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools.

While the five phases may seem sequential because of the acronym, ADDIE, the phases can occur simultaneously or within other phases. A good example is evaluation.

Next, the evaluation phase and good evaluation practices are reviewed.

The E in the ADDIE Model – Evaluation[edit]

Evaluation is a critical quality assurance step. Evaluations must incorporate the good practices from the instructional field and the good practices from the software field to ensure the quality of their solutions. These include:

Quality Assurance w:Quality_assuranceThe instruction is fully tested for quality assurance.For example, forming interview or worksheet questions that ask about the reliability, maintainability and safety are ways to promote total quality control.
Correct InformationThe information presented is correct.For example, a typographical error may cause the learner to choose an incorrect response.
Correct Strategy ImplementationThe instructional strategies are correctly implemented.For example, does instruction follow Gagne’s Nine Events as established in the design document or have events been rearranged or dropped?
Strategies Support Instructional ObjectivesThe instructional strategies meet the instructional objectives.For example, does the use of a motivational strategy, ARCS, help achieve the objective of building learner confidence in the designed instruction?
Compatibility of Delivery Platform & CoursewareThe delivery platform works as expected with the courseware.For example, does Houghton Mifflin’s Understanding Business, 8th ed., electronic course and textbook import successfully to Valparaiso University’s CourseVU LMS for the course, “English for Business”?

These practices are standard for evaluation, regardless of its occurrence in the ADDIE model. The next section reviews a particular kind of evaluation – formative evaluation.