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Federated database management system issues



Rows(<FIELD>, previous=<UINT|STRING>, limit=<UINT>, column=<UINT|STRING>, from=<TIMESTAMP>, to=<TIMESTAMP>)


Rows returns a list of row IDs in the given field which have at least one bit set. The field argument is mandatory, the others are optional.

If previous is given, rows prior to and including the specified row ID or key will not be returned. If column is given, only rows which have a set bit in the given column will be returned. previous or column must be strings if and only if the field or index respectively is using key translation. If limit is given, the number of rowIDs returned will be less than or equal to limit. The combination of limit and previous allows for paging over large result sets. Results are always ordered, so setting previous as the last result of the previous request will start from the next available row.

If the field is of type time, the from and to arguments can be provided to restrict the result to a specific time span. If from and to are not provided, the full range of existing data will be queried.