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ethnic density

Rites of passage are important in the development of an individual’s cultural identity; following these rites or rituals is bound to influence the degree to which an individual will be accepted within the cultural group. Language, both written and spoken, is a cultural marker. Bhugra (7) writes of the importance of linguistic competence and economic stability as determinant factors prompting individuals to eventually leave their non-dominant cultural group, which typically is geographically bound, and venture into the dominant culture. Attitudes to food and food preparation, including religiously driven taboos and the symbolism of food, are a component of cultural identity that can be influenced by religious teachings. Leisure activities, including music, movies, sports, and literature, are important components, along with language and religion, in allowing an individual to feel part of their culture while living in a place with a different culture and may or may not change during the acculturation process. Social and cultural qualities and attitudes are typically more resistant to change and are usually last to adjust during acculturatio