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Discuss how compensation can and cannot be used as a tool to recruit and retain      the talent of an organization.

Assignment: Compensation Analysis. HR graduate class.

To obtain and retain the best and the brightest talent in an industry, an organization should pay particular attention to its compensation practices.

With that a background, prepare 8 slide presentation that presents the following information:

  • Choose      an organization with which you are familiar or that you have researched      (USA based).
  • Discuss      how compensation can and cannot be used as a tool to recruit and retain      the talent of an organization.
  • Create      a compensation philosophy that you believe would be appropriate or      beneficial for that organization in its attempts to retain the best talent      in the industry.
  • Detail      the principle components of a compensation plan/program that you believe      would best recruit and/or retain talent in the organization.
  • Finally,      propose how you would obtain the necessary finances/support to offer these      benefits. Any human resource professional can recommend an array of      benefits, but they must be paid for in some manner.  Discuss the      strategy you would promote to ensure the organization obtains the funds      necessary to offer these benefits.
  • You      may use PowerPoint
  • Back up      your presentation with 6 scholarly articles that can support your      reasoning and claims. Use outside sources other than the textbook, course      materials, or other information provided as part of the course materials.
  • Your      slide presentation must consist of 8 content slides, not counting the title      and references slides, which you must include. Each slide must contain      notes explaining the slide’s content.
  • Format      your presentation according to APA format.


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