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development of the personality

The theory of mind

In the theory of mind, the major debate concerned the question of which materialist theory of the human mind, if any, was the correct one. The main theories were identity theory (also called reductive materialism), functionalism, and eliminative materialism.

Identity theory

An early form of identity theory held that each type of mental state, such as pain, is identical with a certain type of physical state of the human brain or central nervous system. This encountered two main objections. First, it falsely implies that only human beings can have mental states. Second, it is inconsistent with the plausible intuition that it is possible for two human beings to be in the same mental state (such as the state of believing that the king of France is bald) and yet not be in the same neurophysiological state.

As a result of these and other objections, type-type identity theory was discarded in favour of what was called “token-token” identity theory. According to this view, particular instances or occurrences of mental states, such as the pain felt by a particular person at a particular time, are identical with particular physical states of the brain or central nervous system. Even this version of the theory, however, seemed to be inconsistent with the plausible intuition that felt sensation is not identical with neural activity.