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Description of the principles of social work values and ethics.

Week 10 

Social Work Values and Ethics 



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Week 10 

Social Work Values and Ethics

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Assignment 1 

Week 10 Blog

  • A description of the principles of social work values and ethics
  • An explanation of how the principles of social work values and
    ethics might relate to your agency learning agreement throughout your field educationexperience
    Be sure to support your blog posts with specific references to this week’s resources and provide full APA citations for your references. For more information about posting your blog assignment, click on the Field Education Blogs link on the course navigation menu.

Please not that this is a MSW program. I am doing my field ED at Walton County Division of Family and Children Services is GA. what I do is complete intakes for food stamps and medicaid. interviewing clients for renewal and recertification. Facilitating resource development orientation for new foster/adoptive parents Groups. Participation in community partnership meetings and contributing to development of a grant that is being developed in the community.