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Describe the most important human rights challenge that affects global education.

Personal Philosophy  Please respond to the following:

  • Define the concept of human rights as it fits with your personal philosophy of global education.
  • Describe the most important human rights challenge that affects global education and justify your position.

Peer Question:

My educational Philosophy is: To establish positive and healthy relationships with my students. Build, create and encourage a positive classroom culture that fosters structure, positive and negative behavior, reinforcements and interactive lessons that supports and provides the opportunity for all learners to engage. Finally I believe that once both of these aspects have been met successfully teaching the content will complete the holistic classroom.

The concept of human rights to me is the life and beings deserve a certain level of respect and dignity no matter the circumstance. People should not be valued only because of their upbringing, sufferings, education and struggles but because they are beings who lives are worth far more than money, fame, etc. I think that one of the most important challenges that affects global education is the resistance to it from those in power (at times). We have been learning about proponents and opponents to global education and I think we see that this is prevalent today in our society. Everybody is worried about their own culture, values, and traditions and I think the thought of global education can be threatening- in some respects. I think that we are so divided and polarized by a lot of things that it is hard to look at global problems or issues as our own, especially in the US. I have heard of school setting where teachers did not feel comfortable discussing real world problems because it can be viewed negatively